Storage Tank Rental

Tanks are more than just storage.

While some may look at a tank and see storage options, we see products that reduce risk of contamination, minimize ground disturbance, and save money.

Store tank rentals can simplify the complex equation of storage. You need minimal footprint, fast rig up and the flexibility to adapt to any drilling rig configuration. At the same time, you are allowing for variables such as volume, fluid handling, density, and chemical mixing.

Our equipment experts will work with you to plan the best storage tank rental solution for your job site and ensure you meet all safety regulations.

Limit the volume of solids in your mud by recovering barite and removing more light solids.


  • Elevates 8 feet
  • Aids in barite recovery

Dispose of drilling fluid and excess gas. Flare tanks reduce the risk of fire, exposure to gasses and contamination of the water table.


  • 8-12 m³ capacity
  • Eliminates reclamation costs
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Eliminates open flare pits
  • Electronic ignition

Fluid storage including invert mud systems and contaminated water.


  • 300, 400, or 500 or 750 bbl capacity
  • Air unions
  • Load and unload lines
  • Steam coils for cold weather
  • Cranes for pump loading and unloading
  • Recessed sumps

Fuel storage tanks allow you to reduce downtime by allowing you to refuel machinery, auxiliary equipment and vehicles on site.


  • 1000 GL to 100 bbl capacity
  • Double walled for containment
  • Includes 110 V electric pump and 80 ft of hose
  • Fluid level indicator
  • Retractable bonding reel

Reduce the amount of polymer required for drilling applications.


  • 2 compartments for continual feeding
  • Open top tank
  • 3 polymer injection pumps
  • Steam coils prevent freezing in cold weather

Mix and store drilling fluid while maintaining viscosity and a consistent mixture.


  • 500 bbl capacity (75 m³)
  • Mixing guns
  • 60 hp electric motor
  • Power requirement 1/100 A 480 V & 1/60 A 208 V
  • Prefab structures available
  • Steam coils for cold weather operation
  • 2-3 compartments
  • Agitators

Store products safely with reduced risk of contamination or overspill.


Supervised setups

  • Safe and professional setup from start to finish
  • All HSE regulations strictly followed

Easy to use

  • Operationally friendly due to well-planned design
  • Organized and clutter free
  • Onsite equipment orientation

In series flow system

  • Reduced chance for tank contamination and over spills
  • No manifold needed

Back-up pump available

Drilling fluid and solids containment shale tanks with minimal ground disturbance.


  • Available in a variety of sizes (10 ft by 24-55 ft)
  • Low-and high-sided
  • Raised or flat entry
  • Tapered sides

Weather-proof fluid storage for all types of project sites. Can be rented as an individual tank or assembled as a tank farm.


  • Tank farm systems – Invert, Silicate, Distillate
  • Complete fluid handling and transfer capabilities
  • Steam coils for cold weather operation
  • Containment systems available
  • Flat or sloped bottom
  • Fluid level indicator
  • 4″ butterfly valves
  • Fall Arrest System (CSA approved)