Health, Safety, Environment

Health, Safety & Environment is good for business.

Prioritizing health, safety and environment (HSE) in equipment design results in more uptime, lower incident rates, and cost savings that reduce fluid, energy, waste and water usage. HSE is a key performance value for us and our customers. We are committed to:

Health: solutions that reduce worker exposure.

Safety: precise maintenance programs and regular employee training.

Environment: providing 4R choices that rethink environmental footprint.

By creating a strong safety and environment culture, we ensure that HSE is integrated into day-to-day operations. The result is better morale, increased productivity and quality of work.

A focused HSE program:

  • All equipment includes the newest safety features and is selected for environmental compliance.
  • Equipment is monitored through Quality Assurance / Quality Control programs.
  • Employees are trained and equipped to complete their jobs safely.
  • Provincial and federal legislation for occupational health and safety and environmental standards are exceeded.
  • Our HSE department maintains open communication, ensuring that we meet our customers’ high standards.

A commitment to zero lost-time incidents

Apex has been the recipient of numerous Work Safe awards and is recognized as a Top Safety Performer. We have achieved more than 2.5 million lost-time injury-free hours and have won two of Canada’s Safest Employer Awards.

Apex is registered with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, and Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) and holds a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

For more information contact our HSE team.