Job Site & Oilfield Equipment Rentals

Improve Job Site Operations
by Rethinking Your Equipment.

Site Solutions

Every minute of unscheduled stoppage counts for drilling, mining, and construction operations.

By the time your equipment is in place, the clock is already ticking.

That’s why at Apex, the real work with customers begins with planning; when your equipment arrives, it performs from day one.

Operators depend on oilfield equipment rentals that are:

  • Beyond industry-standard quality.
  • Available when you need it.
  • Reliable when you get it.

Start with the right plan

We assess your needs with you, framing your project in terms of a comprehensive solution: from equipment design, transportation, job site technical support, to efficient workspaces and site accommodation that delivers a home away from home. Years of innovation and experience are placed at your disposal so you can eliminate bottlenecks and make better business decisions.

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Reduce costs

Increasing uptime, extending fluid life, generating less waste—considering all of the moving parts allows you to see where to build in efficiencies that cut back costs on the job site.

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Apply health, safety, environment (HSE) principles

HSE-led choices can be a key driver in operational success. We love nothing better than environmental processes that also feed the bottom line. Our strong safety culture and commitment to achieving zero lost-time incidents mean less risk, higher employee morale, increased productivity and better quality of work on your job site.

How HSE can benefit your operation

Access custom solutions

Access an in-house R&D and fabrication team to move new products and services from the drawing board to the job site. The technical team works on behalf of customers to pioneer new and efficient ways of using equipment such as optimizing drilling processes, reducing water use, and increasing re-use of drilling fluids.

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