Fluid Management Solutions

Extend fluid life. Reduce waste. Save money.

Apex Mud Cube

Site operators need to keep drill fluid on location as long as possible, in the best form that can be achieved.

The Apex Integrated Fluid Management solution extends fluid life and optimizes solids removal by replacing the traditional primary shaker system. This is the first time a system has been purpose-built to reduce drilling waste on land.

With the Apex IFM solution:

  • Extend fluid life and quality
  • Optimize solids control
  • Reduce noise and vapour
  • Lower environmental footprint
  • Get data for fast decision-making

Find out how the IFM solution can save your business money.

We specialize in the design, management and operation of central fluid processing sites.

Apex can design, supply, and operate a processing site to dewater anywhere from 150 m³ to 1,500 m³ a day. In more than 20 years of dewatering operations, and 15 years of processing site experience, we are at 1,500,000 m³ of drilling fluid dewatered and counting.