Research & Development

From imagination to innovation.

From the beginning, energy, mining and forest sector challenges have driven us to do more than rent specialty equipment. Natural resource development is the backbone of our economy. But its environmental footprint is large. By rethinking equipment—modifying and repurposing technology from completely different industries—we can achieve our customers’ goals while being mindful of environmental footprint and reducing costs.

Apex Technician

From the drawing board to the job site

There will always be better ways to operate. We have already optimized the drilling process by reducing drilling time and water usage and increasing recycling of drilling fluids.

Our most recent innovation, the Integrated Fluid Management (IFM) solution, brings it all together, reducing fluid on cuttings to below 15 percent. Our R&D team followed our well-documented innovation process to bring the IFM solution from concept to reality:

  • Evaluate current processes and products
  • Customer insights
  • Grassroots development and employee feedback
  • Health, Safety and Environmental initiatives
  • Market trends and advancements
  • Cost-benefit evaluations
  • Prototype development
  • Field quality testing before proceeding to commercial production
  • Applied Quality Assurance/Quality Control initiatives

If you have a challenge you want to solve, let our team know. Our R&D team loves nothing better than partnering with customers to develop custom solutions.