Infrastructure & Environmental Services

Civil, Industrial & Municipal Waste Water Recycling

Water Recycling Solutions for Heavy Industry.


What we do.

At Apex we develop, implement, and scale wastewater management systems for water intensive industries. We offer customized fluid waste processing to civil, municipal and industrial infrastructure projects and facilities.

Water is a critical input for extracting, processing, and refining the worlds natural resources. As heavy industry clamps down on freshwater usage, solutions are needed to eliminate liquid waste. Apex eliminates liquid waste by separating slurry waste streams into clear reusable water and dry solids.

Why choose Apex?

Our team of in-house fluid management experts combine with our fleet of best-in-class equipment and technology to deliver spectacular results. Through custom engineered solutions and continuous process optimization, we will ensure maximum throughput, efficiency, and effectiveness of your waste water management system.


We convert liquid-waste streams into reusable water.

Civil Infrastructure Solutions

Microtunneling, HDD Drilling, Deep Foundation Installations and Hydrovac Excavating all produce large amounts of liquid waste. We eliminate liquid waste with effective water recycling and solids removal.

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Municipal Infrastructure Solutions

Storage ponds and lagoons inevitably accumulate sludge that must be removed. Dredging and dewatering offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to deal with semi-liquid waste.

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Industrial Infrastructure Solutions

Liquid waste from tailings ponds, cooling towers, tanks and pits can all be processed and recycled using our scalable and compact equipment.

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