Specialized Solids Control Equipment

Solids control equipment that extends fluid life.

Effective solids control results in more fluid recovery, less waste and fewer additives that need to be used, removed, and discarded. The right solids control equipment—including proprietary technology Fluid Management Tanks, Stripping Centrifuge Floc Tanks and Centrifuge Floc Tanks—will reduce your risk of downhole related problems and save money.

Our solids control equipment solutions promote efficient and cost-effective drilling through:

  • Drilling fluid recycling
  • Less water use
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Reduced-load transportation

Smaller than a Fluid Management Tank, the CFT places the centrifuges on top, reducing the number of loads while still saving on water consumption.


  • Completely unitized tank for easy on-site solids separation
  • 400 bbl volume
  • Reduced trucking expenses
  • Lower water consumption
  • Unitized load with centrifuge
  • Steam coils for cold weather operation

An all-in-one tank that can manage your drilling mud and centrifuge processing. 375 bbl capacity with a polymer tank and separate compartments with mud guns.


  • Separate compartments with mud guns and suction controls
  • 375 bbl capacity
  • Polymer injection tank: 10m³
  • Power requirements: 480 V 30 A (3 W 4 P)
  • Dimensions: 11’ H x 12.5’ W x 57’ L

Reduce water consumption, trucking and vacuum truck costs with fluid management tanks.


  • Floc, clear water, drill, strip, dewater
  • Versatile, from spud to rig release
  • Steam coils for cold weather operation
  • 3” mud guns (6 total)
  • 3 polymer pumps
  • Built-in polymer tank (2 x 4.5m³ tanks)
  • Pre-mixing capabilities
  • Power requirements: 1/100 A 480 V and 1/30 A 208 V
  • Main pump 6 × 5 Mission 12” impeller w/ 60 hp motor

Our inlet tanks offer recycling site performance at its best. A single footprint performs multiple duties. Large volume unloading capabilities eliminate transport waiting time.


  • 110 cubic meter capacity (700 bbl)
  • Two separate cells, each 55 cubic meters
  • Capable of acting as a single cell tank
  • Can be outfitted to unload up to four vacuum trucks at once
  • Can store two separate products
  • Can store fluid from 1-4 shakers
  • Shakers are hydrocyclone compatible
  • Fully enclosed pre-fabricated structure for extreme weather conditions

A field proven and cost-effective replacement for traditional vibrating shale shakers.


  • Extend fluid quality and life
  • Optimize solids control
  • Reduce noise and vapour
  • Lower environmental footprint

Often considered the first line of defense in solids control. Increase the efficiency of your downstream equipment with high performance shale shakers.


  • Double and triple shaker skid also available
  • Linear or tuned elliptical motion
  • Two Vibra-Motors, 2.5 hp each
  • G-force: up to 7.3 Gs
  • 4800 lb
  • 120” L x 66” W x 66” H
  • 33.4 ft² screening area