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Dredging & Dewatering

Storage ponds and wastewater lagoons are vital systems for communities and municipalities everywhere. Over time, storage ponds and lagoons inevitably accumulate sludge that must be removed. Dredging and dewatering offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to deal with semi-liquid waste.


We deliver advanced separation technologies that minimize liquid waste by volume.


Benefits of Centrifuge Dewatering:

  • Reduction of Waste Volume. We make waste smaller, both in terms of weight and the space it occupies.
  • Reduction in Transportation Costs. The explanation here is simple, a lighter and more compact product is cheaper to haul offsite.
  • Water Reuse. We take a semi-liquid waste product and return clear water.
  • Minimize Downtime. In most cases we process slurry waste in real time without any disruption to the functionality of the lagoon.
  • Minimal footprint. Our versatile fleet of equipment can operate with limited space requirements.


Apex Offers Dewatering Services for:

  • Municipal Lagoons
  • Stormwater Retention Ponds
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Canals and Water Channels
  • Ports and Marinas
  • Beach Fronts
  • Lake / Reservoir Dredging