Trenchless Equipment

Each trenchless equipment application comes with its own challenges, whether it’s Horizontal Directional Drilling, Direct Pipe Installation, or Microtunnelling, but they all have one thing in common though: the dirt has to come out of the slurry.

We can design a solution to address individual concerns, be it footprint, remote location, varied ground conditions or extreme weather, while keeping slurry properties and waste mitigation at the forefront.

Example of Trenchless Equipment Setup

The right solids control solution can:

  • Control drilling fluid weight and viscosity.
  • Increase reuse of drilling fluid and decrease waste volumes.
  • Reduce wear on pumping equipment.
  • Reduce the chance of frac-out.
  • Decrease the pull force required to pull the pipe through.

Your centrifuge should separate fluid and solids efficiently and condition fluids to the highest process and environmental standards. Review models, process capabilities, throughputs and process control on our range of centrifuges.

Centrifuge Range Overview chart

Increase the efficiency of your downstream equipment with high performance shale shakers.


  • Double and Triple Shaker Skid also available
  • Linear or tuned elliptical motion
  • Two Vibra-Motors 2.5 hp each
  • G-force: up to 7.3 Gs
  • 4800 lb
  • 120” L x 66” W x 66” H
  • 33.4 ft² screening area

A field proven and cost-effective replacement for traditional vibrating shale shakers.


  • Extend fluid quality and life
  • Optimize solids control
  • Reduce noise and vapour
  • Lower environmental footprint