Solids Control Technician

Solids control technicians are responsible for the service, repair, maintenance, and operations of all Apex solids control equipment.

What Is A Solids Control Technician?

Solids control technicians oversee solids control equipment that is used to enhance drilling properties and to recycle mud through a closed-loop system. Solids control technicians are required to operate all Apex equipment in accordance with Apex or manufacture specifications as well as meet the specifications of a drilling supervisor or mud engineer.

What Do Solids Control Techncians Do?

Solids control technicians are responsible for operating and maintaining solids control equipment, which is used to separate solid particles and debris from the drilling fluids so that the fluids are recycled.

Solids control technicians will rig up solids control equipment on a drilling location, optimize the solids control equipment to improve fluid flow rates which reduces the number of additives needed and helps increase the lifespan of drilling fluids.

How Do You Become A Solids Control Technician?

Previous rig or derrick experience is usually a prerequisite as well as a oilfield boiler ticket is preferred.

Solids Control Technician Job Description

  • Servicing centrifuges and tankage in field and yard in compliance with service checklists and company procedures
  • Rigging up solids control equipment and tank farms in the field in accordance with Apex specifications, as well as troubleshooting, servicing and repairing any items found deficient
  • Responding to field callsCompleting sit-in jobs and mud stripping
  • Ability to perform physical requirements of the job
  • Ability to work in extreme conditions
  • Maintain accurate service records of all tasks completed
  • Maintain an efficient parts inventory for the repair of all equipment
  • Completing and submitting thorough work orders for all tasks completed
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Continually training
  • Able to work effectively with limited supervision
  • Maintain a positive relationship with customers
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude toward Apex safety culture
  • Completing reports and action items as needed
  • Attending and contributing at safety meetings
  • Maintaining a clean Class 5 driver’s license
  • Wearing all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task at hand